Generator Rentals and Panels

We ensure a user-friendly process when assisting clients with uninterrupted power solutions for any situation. We have a range of standby generators available for rental from 20kva – 800kva with AMF panels.

The rental price includes electrical commissioning of the generator on-site and service when due.

Extras available

  1. Additional Cabling
  2. Plugs
  3. DB-boxes
  4. Earth spikes
  5. Refueling

Long-term rentals offered at lower daily rates

Rent-to-own is also a viable option for many businesses, by spreading the financial expense over an extended period. A service and maintenance plan will be included during the contractual period until the generator has been paid off.

Generator Panels

We provide fully customisable control panels. Our standard range includes 20kva – 1500kva changeover or baseload panels.

  • DSE controllers and chargers,
  • Socomec changeover switches (France)
  • Hager circuit breakers (Germany)

Panels include:

We can customise all panels and also provide quotes on used panels for refurbishment. Warranty is included on all work done.

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